A new group for anyone interested in China.

Are you interested in China, a country that is hardly ever out of the news?  A local teacher and China expert is setting up a group in Malvern for anyone interested in China, its culture and literature. As an introduction Leah Stickley who has lived and worked in China for the last 13 years is going to host a short talk on modern Chinese literature. There is a lot of literature in and outside the country but which is painting the true picture of modern China? Leah will give a brief overview of modern literature  from her own perspective and readings. Recently returned to the UK, Leah is keen to share her insights and to develop understanding of this fascinating country and culture.
The talk will take place at 7pm on the Tuesday 22nd May at the Malvern Book Cooperative in St Ann’s Road. If you would like to come along or find out more Leah can be contacted through the Book Cooperative email enquiries@malvernbook.coop or phone 01684 564788