Who are We??

Several people who have contacted us have asked about the current members of the co-op. So here’s a brief outline of the 7 founder members!

Sarah Creber

Sarah has a passion for children’s literature, sport and art. She is a teacher with a great deal of experience in the independent sector within Malvern and, more recently, in primary schools.

Susan Raine

Susan is a musician and music teacher. She originally trained as a librarian. She has lived in Malvern for over thirty years. Her main interests are gardening, local history and the arts.

Mary Herbert

Mary is a Biology teacher at Hereford 6th Form College. She is a closet potter with interests in Art and Music.

Helen Barker

Helen has been a primary school teacher in Malvern for many years. She is interested in anything associated with tea and cake and develops her appetite through cycling and rowing. She also trained as a librarian

Dan Herbert

Dan is a lecturer in Accountancy at Birmingham University. He is interested in the relationship between the real world and the virtual world. He’s the main author of this blog.